Best Suit Short & Long Term Investments - Real Estate Investment

Best Suit Short & Long Term Investments - Real Estate Investment

Investment is the key to a secure future. Having said that, it becomes extremely important to invest wisely and in a manner that will definitely fulfill all your aims and goals. In any given context, investment can be of two types, short term and long term. Similarly, when investing in real estate you have the choice between the two. Depending on your requirements as well as several other factors, including funds availability, time span and the like, you can choose between these two types. It is pertinent to note that with real estate investments, there is no wrong choice, as everything depends on what you have and what you need.


Short term investments often yield quick results and therefore, if you are looking to make quick money on the real estate front, then you should choose this strategy. However, it is important to remember that with high returns, comes high risks. So, the same should be taken into consideration before investing. In other words, timing is of great importance, if you want to profit through such investments. One of the best short term investments strategies in real estate is flipping, where you buy a property at a low rate and sell it at a higher one.


In flipping, you have the choice of either getting the property first or identifying a buyer first. In case of the first option, you may have to wait till you find a buyer but with the second, your property is pre-sold, ensuring that you need not wait for making your profit. While the first offers a chance to modify the property and improve on it to increase the price, the latter is instantaneous, and often preferred by those who are looking for best short term investments in real estate.


If you are looking for some passive investments in real estate, then the best short term investments in real estate are through stocks and bonds. With these, you are not directly dealing with actual properties but only in stocks and bonds, which can be easily sold to make profit without really worrying about the upkeep or maintenance of the property. Most short term investors in real estate opt for such stocks or funds, which are floated by real estate investment trusts.


When you consider best long term investments in real estate, the property that you purchase would yield profits over a period of time. Investing in any property, like a house or a rental apartment, will yield profits in the long run. However, while calculating profits on such long term investments, it is important to take into account the expenses that you will incur for the maintenance of the property. Investors often tend to forget to include expenses in their final profit calculation and hence expect unrealistic profits from such long term investments in real estate.


Alternatively, you could opt for managed premises, which are one of the best long term investments in real estate. These are investment groups that offer their services to identify, purchase as well as maintain property or properties, with your money and in your name. These properties often do not yield profits in the short term but are great in terms of long term investments. The biggest advantage of this strategy is in not having to concentrate on taking care of your property, while reeling in the profits.


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