Get Reliable Stock Market Investing Advice From Thedowtheory.Com

Get Reliable Stock Market Investing Advice From Thedowtheory.Com

Even with the stock market up near pre-September 2008 levels, sound stock market investing advice is never a waste of time. The Schannep Timing Indicator and TheDowTheory stock market investing advice newsletter always provide timely information, no matter what the markets are doing. A subscription to The Dow Theory Newsletter nets you stock market investing advice you won’t find anywhere else online.

Jack Schannep, the author of The Dow Theory Newsletter has had a long and illustrious career offering practical stock market investing advice. His military beginnings at West Point, his career as an aviator and academic instructor in the Air Force gave him the knowledge and discipline he brought to his second successful career as a stock broker with Dean Witter in Phoenix Arizona. His interest in stock market timing and the famous Dow theorist, Robert Rhea, motivated him to study the markets, and offer stock market investing advice based on specific timing factors, and the principles laid out in the original Dow Theory. Schannep’s stock market investing advice has a large and diverse following, and he keeps writing out newsletters, even well into his retirement.

The Schannep Timing Indicator stock market investing advice believes certain factors must exist in order for conditions to dictate a bull or bear market. Stock market investing advice will always tell the investor that trends must be recognized and investigated, rather than taking advantage of market highs and lows. Trend information is much more valuable stock market investing advice because it teaches the investor to ride out the bull and staying out of bear markets, rather than jumping in or jumping out too quickly. Schannep believes his time at Dean Witter - now Morgan Stanley - gave him the insight to offer stock market investing advice, because Dean Witter believed, “Timing – knowing when to buy and when to sell – is one of the most important factors in any investment decision.” Combining data made available in the late 1960s, with the original Dow theories dating back to the early 20th century, Schannep has been able to accurately forecast market activity, making his stock market investing advice some of the most valuable information available to investors.

Stock market investing advice comes at you from all different places. Today, you no longer get it from just The Wall Street Journal. Television, the Internet, and all sorts of alternative outlets offer stock market investing advice, but much of it is not accurate. When you take proven theories, and combine them with decades of experience, you get stock market investing advice that’s worth its weight in gold. A man like Jack Schannep does not have tricks up his sleeves; only hard work, knowledge, and in-depth study of prevailing market factors can create the kind of stock market investing advice that will work for all types of investors. You don’t have to be a financial industry insider to benefit from Schannep’s stock market investing advice; he makes it available to everyone, online.

To learn how to get your hands on Jack Schannep’s stock market investing advice, please visit Thedowtheory. Subscribe to Schannep’s newsletter, and learn how to make investing work for you, without any tricks or shortcuts.

The newsletter is based on the Schannep timing indicator and offers accurate indications of the stock markets latest trends and predictions. To learn more about the Schannep timing indicator, For more information, please visit

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