Mutual Fund Ticker Symbol — Wealth of Investment Information

Mutual Fund Ticker Symbol — Wealth of Investment Information

In this age of information you are overwhelmed with data, news, facts and figures from the Internet, newsprint, and a variety of telecommunications. But, when you want and need immediate, concise, factual, and current information to make an investment decision, where is it?

An excellent research source that helps make investment decisions is a mutual fund ticker symbol. Mutual funds are assigned a five digit symbol (similar to the NASDAQ market symbols). The mutual fund symbol is your key to unlock a wealth of investment data.

Most Internet financial search engines provide all the information you seek to make a investment decision based on facts. Some excellent financial search engines are,,

To view the vast resource of mutual fund data that is readily available, the website requires the ticker symbol placed in the dialog box. Here is a thumbnail sketch of the invaluable type of source material provided.

Profile: lists the mutual fund’s family - address - toll free number - name of the Manager and tenure - inception date - net assets - investment category - investment objective, etc.

Purchase: includes the minimum initial purchase - minimum initial IRA purchase - maximum 12b1 fee - maximum front end sales load - maximum deferred sales load - brokerage availability.

Performance: provides the current net asset value (share price) - year-to-date return - long-term average return - best one/three year total return - worst one/three year total return - performance vs. benchmarks.

Risk: shows the risk rating - 3 year Alpha rating - 3 year Beta rating - 5 year Alpha rating - 5 year Beta rating - total expense ratio.

Now that you are armed with the value of the mutual fund ticker symbol; you can find top mutual funds that are worth researching at (Mutual Finds Resource). Good luck on your investing future.

King Kovacs is the Founder of Mutual Funds Resource ( was created September 26, 1999. The Website objective is to be an exclusive resource based on finding top mutual funds that 1) distribute large dividends (income/capital gains) and 2) maintain performance growth for the long-term. Every year thousands of mutual funds are screened and analyzed and a database of more than 900 mutual funds is created based on the distribution and performance.

Presently, within the database, the best 44 stock mutual funds serving 22 investment classifications have been selected.

To validate our niche, a mutual funds model (Investment Portfolio) was created and is updated daily. Always contact the mutual fund and read the prospectus before making an investment.

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