Water Heater: "Energy saving" the market direction

Water Heater: "Energy saving" the market direction


‘Energy-saving refrigerators, energy saving

Air conditioning

Several years ago entered the people’s attention, has been sold in full swing. This summer

Water heater




, Energy-efficient water heater in the appliance market also began to “fire” again. 2003, also fought a “safe” brand


Water Heater

But now it played “energy” brand. Haier Silver Sea in May, as not only a sudden series of energy-saving water heaters, home appliances into the country




Publicity in the Central

TV station

Also broadcast with special emphasis on water heater Yinhai as “energy saving” features, some with Geert campaign, set off an upsurge energy saving electric water heater.

Large domestic consumption

Contrast refrigerator, air conditioner, the electric water heater’s energy problem has been ignored, but its power is in fact rather surprising.

“Many people often think that refrigerators, air conditioners and other large appliances consume more power and often overlooked fact is also relatively large electric water heater.” Mo Luoni Health

Sanitary Ware

(China) Co., Ltd Northern Regional Marketing Manager, said Lu Fei.

Industry analysis, although the air-conditioning power consumption, but highly seasonal, only use three to four months in the summer. The electric water heater is in use throughout the year people’s home


Device, in the summer it almost daily use, even more than once; the winter, although not every day, but people need to shower the water temperature is relatively high, electricity consumption will be even greater.

Haier electric water heater support

Wang Yanhong Department provides a more specific measurement data.



Data show that a typical 1,500-watt electric water heater is at least 1.5 degrees on power consumption, coupled with the high frequency of use water heater in summer, compared to the current consumption of 0.5 degrees on the refrigerator, electric water heater is actually the family one of the larger power consumption appliances.

Reporter learned that, in May 2001 China Energy Conservation Product Certification Center (now the successful energy-saving product certification center) started based on “home water heaters technical requirements for energy-saving product certification,” Certification to carry out energy-saving water heater products work. According to reports, there are the technical requirements of a water heater 10 liters of water every 24 hours of the inherent loss of qualified, that is, the water heated to 65 after the steady state energy loss. Volume under different electric water heater, various products have different inherent loss of value (specific see table). 60 liters of family common electric water heater, for example, then the electric water heater 60 l 24 hours inherent loss of 1.5kWh. According to the energy status of different countries, on the electric water heater

Energy consumption

Requirements are also different. But this can be seen that electric water heater power consumption is really not a small value.

Energy gradually became hot

According to insiders, the energy efficiency of electric water heaters, and insulation layer, heat pipe thermal efficiency and the quality of the thermostat: effective thermal insulation on the power. Thermal insulation effect is good or bad depends on the insulation material. Fluorine-free polyurethane insulation materials are currently the best materials, foam insulation effect is not good. In addition, the insulating effect and insulation thickness, density and thermal insulation of the process also has a relationship. Thicker insulation, thermal insulation the better. The thermostat, if sensitive enough, and it will always be at the start of the state water heater will consume.

To alleviate the power


Many of our cities have issued a “peak and valley price” policy, which according to consumption of a day divided into two billing periods, low-peak hours was significantly lower than peak electricity tariff. Energy-saving electric water heater to do around this big energy policy article. Today, many electric water heaters have an appointment timing, you can set the heating time in the low power consumption, thereby saving electricity.

“Appliance maker” in the 2003′s electric water heater market active


And products survey notes, Ariston, AO Smith, Haier, constant heat and some other well-known brand has been strong in the market to promote its energy-saving electric water heater.

Lu Fei said that the current Ariston electric water heater of fluorine-free polyurethane foam technology as a whole, using the thick of the fluorine-free polyurethane insulation, can be considered is the industry’s best insulation. Thermostat can be accurate to plus or minus 1 (accurate to plus or minus the usual 5 ). Ariston specializing in the production of heat pipe, heat transfer efficiency has reached 99%.

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